Isha Ram Das

Anthrophony (2019) - Interactive Sound Installation
In the field of sound ecology, the terms biophony and geophony refer to the environmental sound of non-human nature. When an ecology is healthy, its audio frequencies support one another and create a diverse soundscape. When anthropophony (human noise) disrupts this delicate soundscape, the entire ecology is affected. These sound ecologies are present in every area of the natural world.

Anthrophony places the audience inside an environment where any physical interaction with the work directly inteferes with a carefully composed soundscape. Over the course of 3 hours, audio routed from microphones placed outside the venue gradually envelops the soundscape inside.

Anthrophony is a collaboration with  installation artist Edwina Green and was produced by Kalyani Mumtaz and Moorina Bonini. Lighting design by Meri Leeworthy.

Suburban Wildlife  (2019) - Feature Film
Directed by Imogen McCluskey.

Notes to Jala (2019) - Single Channel Video
Video work accompaning poetry collection Notes to Jala by Sapodia Lindley.

A Library for the End of the World (2015)
Guided audio experience and theatre installation directed by Sarah Winter.

Remnants of My Ancestors (2019) - Two Channel Video Projection
Video work by Sancintya Mohini Simpson.

Cleansing Ritual (2018)  & sugar/cheeni/shakkar/sakarai/chakara/panjasara (2019) - Sound Performance
By Sancintya Mohini Simpson with Indarami Simpson.

Kalyani & Isha (2018) - EP
Four track EP.